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Kano’s vicious cocktail and enemies of Nigeria’s democracy

Celebratory gears preceded the January 12 judgment of the Supreme Court which confirmed Abba Kabir Yusuf as the Governor of Kano State. The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state which had won the round of litigation at the Court of Appeal had distributed celebration clothes to its members. There were also prayers and fasting […]

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How to survive in 2024 – Evangelist Ebuka

The Spiritual Director of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach, Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Ebuka, has said that people who want to prosper in 2024 must make connections with God and serve him. Speaking during a recent church service of the ministry in Lagos, Evangelist Ebuka said those who were steadfast in the Lord needed not worry about […]

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That’s not so obvious, Mr President

When as an undergraduate I read “The gods are not to blame” because it was on our syllabus, I fell in love with the many proverbs and other idiomatic expressions that make Ola Rotimi’s book a delight to read. One of such expressions was “Your words are like fresh wine; sweet but lacking in substance.” […]

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7 New Year’s promises Nigerians are holding President Tinubu to in 2024


President Bola Tinubu reassured Nigerians of his commitment to fulfilling all pre-election promises in his New Year’s speech, adding that
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National problems Tinubu must tackle

Insecurity across African States is one of the many factors responsible for the stunted economic growth and development on the continent. Terrorism, banditry, ethnic conflicts, farmer-herder conflicts, and the like, are some of the issues constituting insecurity in many countries in Africa. Nigeria, a country in West Africa, has had its fair share of these […]

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Kaduna drone killing – Nigerians’ estimated lives mean nothing


There was a time our lives did not matter. That stage is long behind us. We now live “estimated lives”
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Now that Nigeria’s found global love…


If you are like me, aged a bit over 40, and with an ear for good music, chances are you’ve heard and enjoyed the hit ‘Now That We Found Love’, particularly the version made popular by Heavy D and The Boyz. That is the exact question on my mind right now, during these perilous times […]

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One Way To Repel Narcissists


We’ve all met a narcissist. I’ve met women whose husbands are narcissists and I’ve met men – friends even – whose wives have this mental disorder. But here’s a simple definition if you’re in doubt: A narcissist is someone who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. It’s characterized by a long-term pattern […]

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Where is the NCC in these poor GSM services?


Since the advent of the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication founded in 1991 but reached the Nigerian market in August 2001, the account of its 22-year-old services in the country has never been as glowing as they are in climes where things work including some developing countries of Africa. Yes, GSM radically transformed not […]

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Economic hardship: University don writes open letter to Tinubu


A university lecturer at University of Ibadan and a sociologist, Dr. Oludayo Taylor, has written an open letter to President Bola Tinubu highlighting the struggles faced by Nigerian universities and lecturers amidst the country’s challenging socio-economic conditions. The ruling class, according to him benefits from the bad economy while the university system and its educators […]

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The tragic drone strikes in Tudun Biri village


The recent tragic drone strikes in Tudun Biri village of Igabi LGA of Kaduna State that resulted in the deaths of over 100 innocent civilians and left others with injuries, have raised serious concerns about the military’s handling of counterterrorism operations. As the nation grieves this heartbreaking loss of lives, it is imperative that President […]

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So This Happened (227) reviews corps members’ kidnap, doctors’ shortage, other


In this episode of So This Happened, we review the report of eight graduates from Akwa Ibom State who were kidnapped while on their way to the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp in Sokoto State and were yet to be released after four months. We also look at the mass exodus of doctors from […]

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Why People who display these 10 behaviors won’t be successful in life


By Isabel Cabrera Success can often feel like an elusive concept in a world filled with high-achievers and go-getters. If you’re not one of them, you might feel like you’re lagging behind, or worse, doomed to fail. But it’s not always about what you’re doing; more often than not, it’s about what you’re not doing. Ever […]

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Victimised by Tradition: Single Women in Nigeria Are Ostracised by Caste


For Chidera Donatus and Chukwuma George, their love story began as many others had during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the world was isolated in lockdown, they both reached for companionship and social connection online: in a WhatsApp group that connected Igbo-speaking single women and men from eastern Nigeria. (Both an ethnic group and a language, […]

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If you have these 9 personality traits, you’re a genuine introvert


By Lachlan Brown Being an introvert isn’t about being shy or anti-social, it’s a personality trait that dictates how you interact with the world. For genuine introverts, it’s about having a preference for calm, minimally stimulating environments and enjoying time alone.If you’re a true introvert, there are certain characteristics that are likely to resonate with […]

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Widening gap between the Rich and Poor frustrating Nigerians, resulting in Criminality – LAUTECH Don


Professor of Philosophy and Pioneer Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Temisan Ebijuwa on Thursday said that many people in Africa are disconnected from the state because the distribution of scarce resources are not done evenly. He maintained that there is wide […]

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6 reasons women find it difficult to leave abusive relationships – Lawyer


Remember Osinachi? The famous Nigeria Gospel artiste who was alleged to have died on April 8, 2022, due to alleged domestic violence; her story shook the world and awoke every woman, especially those who were battling with domestic violence. Many of those who detested what happened to Osinachi still remained in their abusive relationship. An […]

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Busta Rhymes and Tinubu’s quest for Arab money

Imagine this! It is 2008, crude oil prices have skyrocketed, and Gulf countries are enjoying an economic boom. Arab investors are snapping up properties and businesses across the globe, including in the United States. This reinforces the prevalent notion in the West that Arabs are excessively wealthy and prone to extravagant spending. Given the backdrop […]

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The law and sponsors of vote buying


In this report, KUNLE ODEREMI examines the conduct of Saturday’s governorship elections held in three states in the light of the recurring issues of vote trading malfeasances and other forms of impunity associated with major elections in the country. A major spectacle that was recorded in the November 11 governorship polls in three states: Imo, […]

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5 Habits That Will Keep You Broke – By Mentor Greg


Hello, my name is Mentor Greg. Today, I want to share with you five habits that can keep you broke and prevent you from achieving financial success. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 40, pay close attention to these points because they can make a huge difference in your financial future. Let’s dive […]

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Fresh graduates urged to hone entrepreneurial skills, study lives of successful entrepreneurs


Thousands of fesh graduates, being turned out to the labour market by public and private tertiary institutions across Nigeria, have been told to hone their entrepreneurial skills and study the lives of those who are genuinely successful, legitimately wealthy, and whose wealth are trackable. Former Predident, Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA) Worldwide, Dr. […]

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Nigeria’s courts of electoral kleptocracy, By Chidi Anselm Odinkalu


What seems evident right now is that through a series of jurisprudential manouvres over the past decade and a half, Nigeria’s courts have become places where, to hark back to Stanislav Andrzejewski, the two things that no one should sell – electoral legitimacy and judicial authority – are now bought and sold in the courts. […]
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Don’t quit


This week’s opinion is an ardent admonishment to anyone who is about to give up on an endeavour, a project, or life in its totality. I know that the stress you experience presently has careened you into a state of emotional drudgery and physical fatigue. I understand the dismal and discouraging state you may be […]

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7 ways to avoid being kidnapped


There has been a disturbing rise in cases of kidnapping across the country. The elite are not the only targets of kidnappers; workers, students, and even children are not spared. Recently, eight members of the National Youth Service Corps, including their driver, were abducted by terrorists on a highway in Zamfara State. The corps members […]

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Make hay while the sun shines on your marriage


The joy of children moving away from home or flying the nest to discover the world around them can sometimes leave parents struggling to cope with the new normal, especially if the children or young adults have been the livewire holding the marriage together. This is a historical pattern that many failing marriages experience in […]

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