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Omicron: Senior Nigerian scientist considers fallout, and why travel bans are a waste of time


The current spate of travel bans is rather hasty and irrational given that we know that the variant is in several countries already.

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Nigeria is still struggling at 60. But hope is still alive


The world expect Nigeria to has developed farther than her present status after 60 years of independent but there is still hope for the crawling giant.

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The politicized herders and farmers conflict in Nigeria


Special grazing zones and settlements for pastoralist Fulani groups were supposed to be the answer to the heated farmers and herders conflict. It has instead become a highly politicized debate.

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How Ghana and Nigeria police handle domestic violence cases


Domestic violence cases in Nigeria and Ghana are studied and compared. The police in Nigeria and Ghana must receive gender sensitivity training to effectively fight domestic violence.

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Childhood sex education reduces risky sexual behaviour: a Nigerian case study


Young people are having their first sexual encounters at a later age and are more likely to use condoms. But HIV infections in this age group are not decreasing and sexually transmitted infections remain high

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