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Misfit/misfit leadership, not Muslim/Muslim, is what haunts Nigeria


It will be insensitive to the point of absurdity for any leader, or any political party to be toying with Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket at this juncture

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Islam Has a Small Presence in Nigeria’s Igbo Region: What a New Quran Translation Offers

Islam in Igbo Land

Having the Quran in Igbo language will help in propagating Islam in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

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Nigeria’s Large, Youthful Population Could Be an Asset Or a Burden

Youth Nigeria

Nigeria must prioritise investment in education, health and infrastructure to harness the opportunities of its huge population

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8 Best Things To Do In Lagos, Nigeria

best things to do in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria is a great place to visit for your holiday. Here are 8 fantastic things to do when you visit Lagos

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Random Facts about Yoruba People that Put Nigeria on the Map

Yoruba Odua

Yoruba people, the Oduans are unique in many ways. Here is the list of uniqueness of Yoruba that put Nigeria on the world map

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Applying for an airport transit visa in Nigeria


If you live in Nigeria and want to apply for an airport transit visa for the Netherlands, you cannot do this at the Netherlands embassy in Abuja or at the Netherlands consulate-general in Lagos

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Fulani Celebration of Gun – Videos

Fulani celebrate guns

Nigeria is being ravaged by terrorism, banditry, killing and kidnapping but government fail to find solution to it. Why is this so? See these gun celebration and make your conclusion

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Nigeria Needs $100bn to Solve Erratic Electricity Power Supply – World Bank

World Bank Nigeria Electricity

As Nigeria Grapples with Blackouts, World Bank Says $100bn Needed to Solve Erratic Power Supply

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Forces Behind Annulment of June 12 Election by IBB Still a Mystery

MKO Abiola and Ibrahim Babangida

Why should Ibrahim Babangida cancelled June 12 election when MKO Abiola was his friend and his govt spent millions of Naira on it?

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Plateau State is Now an Inferno of Religious Extremism


Reprisals, ethnoreligious clashes, communal clashes, and robbery are now inevitable realities of the contemporary Plateau state

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