Forces Behind Annulment of June 12 Election by IBB Still a Mystery

Posted by Timige, On 14 Jun, 2022 | Updated On 14 Jun, 2022 No Comments »

MKO Abiola and Ibrahim Babangida
Why should Ibrahim Babangida cancelled June 12 election when MKO Abiola was his friend and his govt spent millions of Naira on it?

M.K.O. rolled with the military boys and IBB was his friend. Even M.K.O. attested to this in one of his media interviews I watched. The same IBB backed him and later disappointed him. That is life.

Don’t place heavy reliance on humans and always have other options or resign to faith when betrayed. Don’t drag stuffs too much. Learn to fight another day.

Interestingly, what informed IBB’s decision to annul June 12 elections is still a mystery till date and IBB in few instances claimed he was coerced to annul the elections.

Be that as it may, Nigeria’s progress as a democratic nation is not as desired. Our democratic rule caused lots of divisions and tensions. Nigerians are more polarized along many fault lines.

The only way to unify this country is if leaders show competence and sincerely commit themselves to the development of this nation. A developed Nigeria would eradicate so many tensions.

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