Plateau State is Now an Inferno of Religious Extremism

Posted by Timige, On 14 Jun, 2022 | Updated On 14 Jun, 2022 No Comments »


Both Christians and Muslims there are bitter extremists.

Monsuru(the writer refering to himself), we were just lucky that we were within a highly secured government citadels.

There are communities you dare not visit or stay as a Muslim, and vice versa.

I fault the government for letting religious extremism grow into an edifice that is now threatening the lives of inhabitants.

The government response to insecurities in Plateau state is highly questionable. Reprisals, ethnoreligious clashes, communal clashes, and robbery are now inevitable realities of the contemporary Plateau state.

There are claims of Fulani expansion by locals. They also said they cannot go to farms anymore because of the fear of Fulanis.

Also cattle rustling has sadly become an inevitable reality there.

Plateau state is unsafe.”

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