The Untold Story of How Tinubu Save APC from Being Rejected by INEC

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu BAT
It is no doubt that Tinubu contributed immensely to the success of APC in their effort to gain power in 2015 election. This is how he saved APC

The CPC came from the roubles that the equally defunct ANPP represented.

It became immediate soar away party of the talakawas, harvesting at worst 7m votes and got to 12m a it’s zenith.

When the merger was to be a faît accompli with its registration, the umpire, INEC set a target that all the parties to the merger relinquish their old certificates viz: ACN, ANPP and the CPC. Recall that the above three parties came into the merger with:

  • Bola Tinubu’s ACN- 6 Governors.
  • Ogbonnaya Onu’s ANPP 4 Govs.
  • Buhari’s CPC 1 Governor.

CPC couldn’t submit their certificate!


Because when a certain Mohammadu Buhari had emerged as it’s flagbearer in the 2011 polls, the foundational Chair Rufa’i Sani Hanga, hitherto a Senator was prevented from running as Chairman and Late Tony Momoh emerged.

Hanga refused to surrender the certificate and when time was ticking off, the CPC went to court, swore affidavit that it’s certificate was lost but Hanga retorted with fact that it was in his possession, he filed a suit and katakata started. There was no way the leadership of the CPC won’t be docked for perjury.

The burgeoning APC was about to lose the opportunity to be registered, the PDP was ecstatic…

No one, not even party leader Buhari could prevail on Hanga to plead with him to review his position and relinquish the certificate.

Enters Bolanle Ahmed Tinubu

He flew into the FCT, met with Hanga, came out with him after the bilateral meeting with Hanga addressing the Press.

Hanga promised to withdraw his suit from court and he surrendered the CPC certificate to Tinubu after which the INEC registered the current behemoth, APC wherein not a few in their thousands have found solace and are ultimate beneficiaries.

Like we always say, the rest is history.

The present cannot cure the past

Bolanle Adekunle Ahmed Tinubu has played several roles at crucial times for his party.

Shortly after the PDP was shunted aside in 2015 and the APC took the reins, it was this same same Senator Hanga that took to the press warning against the seeming abandonment of Tinubu in the party.

Recall also that the First Lady Aisha Buhari also bemoaned the spate of abandonment of people who played key roles in birthing the new order.

Whatever is evolving or has evolved alongside the Abeokuta scenario of yesterday should be dispassionately evaluated as a crack in the tripodal bond that made 2015 possible.

The way the party manages this crack will shape it’s fortune next year.

It should not be seen on the surface as an act of frustration or inexactitude.

The crack in this House must not lead to a fall.

History cannot be wished away ….

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