First Nigerian Animation Movie Premier in Cinema

Posted by Timige, On 13 Dec, 2020 | Updated On 7 Dec, 2021 No Comments »

LadyBuckit & The Motley Mopsters is the first Nigeria animated movie to appear in cinema

When released on Dec. 11, Lady Buckit and the Motley Mopsters will be Nigeria’s first feature length animated film and will mark a major milestone for a blossoming comic and animation scene which has increasingly seemed primed for the mainstream.


Indeed, Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, has hosted an annual Comic Con since 2012 with creators showcasing characters and stories in front of audiences that have since grown from hundreds to thousands. In October 2019, YouNeek Studios also made a mark by releasing a 15-miute pilot for Malika: Warrior Queen—an animated film inspired by a 16th century queen in northern Nigeria—to wide acclaim.

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