First Nigerian Reality Show Celebrity Veried by Snapchat

Posted by Timige, On 13 Dec, 2020 | Updated On 7 Dec, 2021 No Comments »

Mercy Eke becomes first Nigerian celebrity to be verified by Snapchat official after she acquired over 1 million followers

Reality tv star, Mercy Eke has finally been verified on Snapchat after threatening to delete her account.

Mercy Eke BBNaija Celeb Snapchat
Screenshot of Mercy Eke Snapchat

A few weeks ago, the winner of BBNaija season 4, Mercy took vented her anger on the developers of the platform saying she ought to be verified because she has over 1 million followers and massive engagements on her posts.

Mercy Eke BBNaija Celeb

A trip down to her Snapchat handle sees the star icon added to her name, signifying her account being verified.

Mercy Eke BBNaija Celeb

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