Police kill 4 kidnappers, rescue victim in Afghan

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Afghan police have killed four kidnappers and released their hostage in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul City on Saturday, said the country’s Ministry of Interior Affairs on Sunday.

A group of kidnappers, according to the statement, kidnapped a businessman in the Paghman District of Kabul, but police, in a sharp reaction, spotted the location of the abductors and, after killing four members of the band, rescued the businessman Mohammad Amin on Saturday night.

Police also arrested four individuals allegedly involved in theft and extortion in the capital Kabul on Thursday.

Gangs of kidnappers and outlaws often attempt to kidnap members of wealthy families and ask for ransom for their release in war-ravaged and economically-impoverished Afghanistan.

Afghan caretaker government has vowed to crack down on criminal elements elsewhere in Afghanistan to ensure law and order in the country.


Source: PMNews

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