The Assassination of Murtala Muhammed – February 13, 1976 (Video)

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Murtala Muhammed
This episode looks at the full story of Murtala Muhammed, his life as a military officer and Head of State, his opposition with Yakubu Gowon and, of course, his brutal assassination on February 13, 1976

Some of Nigerians’ Comments About Murtala

@olaolaleye7724 : Those of us who did not know what was going on at the time of his death was very saddened when he was killed not knowing it was the law of karma that was in operation. The Bible says “those who killed by the sword will surely die by the sword”.

@gemmedium1126 : These were kids, young, vibrant and examplary young men, though dutiful and ready to serve, Greed and Mistrust fueled from all angles ruining everything.

@kinguche9208 : Karma came back to the young ambitious Muhammad. Gowon knew that Muhammad was brutal , ambitious to take power even before the civil war and used him to fight the civil war then trying to take him out of military but Muhammad took him out of power.

@felixsunday6448 : With my knowledge of the Asaba massacre during the civil war under the watch of muritala Mohammed,it feels like justice seeing him killed in the same brutal manner those armless and defenseless men were killed at Asaba. Karma is real.

@elvisiriowen7194 : In as much as he was a great patriot he was too angry and vengeful.

Khalid Bashir reaction to the statement made in the video at 2:40th minute (160th sec)
@khalidbashir4017 : “in the same manner he entered it,in a SHOWER OF BULLETs” this statement is FALSE,no one was killed during the coup that brought Murtala to the throne.don’t show your bias or sentiments while narrating history

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