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Nigeria National Anthem Lyrics in English

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Nigeria national anthem flag
Nigeria national anthem with lyrics in English and music sound. Get first and second stanzas. Check it out!

Nigeria national Anthem is the official songs of Nigeria. Official national songs of countries are in honors of the native lands.

Nigeria national anthem particularly celebrates our historical notables (our heroes past) and calls to action to serve the land.

Like other several countries, Nigeria anthem is known conventionally by its first line – “Arise, O Compatriots“.

Nigeria National Anthem First Stanza – Arise, O Compatriots

Arise, O Compatriots,
Nigeria’s Call Obey,
To Serve Our Fatherland,
With Love and Strength and Faith,
The Labour of Our Heroes Past,
Shall Never Be In Vain,
To Serve With Heart and Might,
One Nation Bound in Freedom,
Peace and Unity.

National Anthem of Nigeria

Second Stanza of National Anthem of Nigeria – Oh God of Creation

Oh God of Creation,
Direct Our Noble Cause,
Guide Our Leaders Right,
Help Our Youth the Truth to Know;
In Love and Honesty to Grow,
And Living Just and True,
Great Lofty Heights Attain,
To Build A Nation Where Peace,
And Justice Shall Reign.

Nigerian National Pledge

I Pledge To Nigeria My Country, To Be Faithful, Loyal and Honest. To Serve Nigeria With All My Strength. To Defend Her Unity and Uphold Her Honour and Glory. So Help Me God.

The lyrics is collectively writen and rendered into music by Benedict Elide Odiase. See detailed history of Nigerian nation anthem.

Source: Nigeria World Today

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