10 points from President Tinubu’s Democracy Day broadcast

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In commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day celebration, President Bola Tinubu made his maiden broadcast to Nigerians on Monday. 

Below are ten (10) points main points from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Democracy Day broadcast. 

  1. The President made a recall on how June 12 has been a watershed in the nation’s history through the sacrifice and martyrdom of Chief MKO Abiola
  2. He celebrated the heroes of democracy including  Kudirat Abiola, Pa Alfred Rewane and Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua who gave their yesterday for the liberty that is ours today, hence we must never take democracy for granted. 
  3. He reiterated that the 2023 elections is an evidence that democracy is well and alive 
  4. President Tinubu added that those who cannot endure and accept the pain of defeat in elections do not deserve the joy of victory when it is their turn to triumph. 
  5. He stated that unnecessary illegal orders used to truncate and abridge democracy would no longer be tolerated. 
  6. Tinubu enunciated that the harmonization of the retirement age for judicial officers is meant to strengthen the rule of law, which is a critical pillar of democracy. 
  7. He added that democracy is the best chance to fight poverty and that it means more than freedom of choice and the right to get people into elective offices. 
  8. Tinubu also described fuel subsidy removal by the immediate past government as one decision that Nigerians need to bear to save Nigeria and also take our resources away from the stranglehold of a few unpatriotic elements. 
  9. He also stated that he feels Nigerians’ pain but urge them to pay a little sacrifice as his government will repay through massive investment in transportation infrastructure, education, regular power supply, healthcare and other public utilities that will improve the quality of lives. 
  10. Bola Tinubu also encouraged those elected into public offices at various levels to recommit themselves to offering selfless services to the people and delivering concrete democracy.  


Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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