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Terrorist attack in western Niger left 12 Nigeran soldiers and scores of terrorists dead.

At least 12 Nigerian soldiers and dozens of militants were killed on Saturday in fierce fighting inside the so-called country in western Niger. “Three Boundaries”, announced the Nigerian Defense Ministry on Sunday evening.

The “struggle” between Nigerian soldiers and “hundreds of armed terrorists” took place “five kilometers” from the city of Fantio, the ministry said in a statement.

12 soldiers were killed in these battles, while dozens of terrorists were killed, the same source continues.

, many motorcycles “were attackers” destroyed ” And “Means of communication recovered “, notes the press release.

First, Nigerian soldiers “defended themselves fiercely before being overwhelmed by their numbers and causing dozens of enemy deaths,” the ministry adds.

but some “Reinforcements come » Cities « Dand vanjarbe and yours “, Thus that “air support (…) helped to ward off the enemy who left dozens dead and equipment”, Outlines the press release.

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