‘A Tribe Called Judah’ makes N9.3 million in Francophone West Africa

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‘A Tribe Called Judah’ has become the top grossing Nollywood film in not only Nigeria and Ghana — where it raked in a record N1.4 billion — but also in six French-speaking African countries where it grossed over 3.5 million West African CFA Francs or N9.3 million.

The movie has also grossed £83,000 in the UK where it screened in cinemas since January 2024.

This makes ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ the first Nollywood film to gross over N9 million in French speaking African regions.

The movie was premiered in 13 regions across nine French-speaking African countries on January 19, 2024. The selected regions for screening include Bessengue and Yaounde in Cameroon, Godope and Mide in Togo, Idrissa Quedraogo and Yennega in Burkina Faso, M’Pita and Poto Poto in Congo, Rebero in Rwanda, Teranga in Senegal, Tombolia in Conakry, Wologuede, Cotonou in Benin, and Mandjiozangue in Gabon.

The distribution of the film in those regions was over seen by Canal Olympia Showtimes Cinemas.

On January 14 just 3 weeks after it’s release in cinemas, The Cinemas Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) reported that the film’s local gross reached N1.3 billion becoming the highest-grossing Nigerian movie to date and the first to gross over N1 billion.

Source: Business Day

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