Adams Oshiomhole Congratulatory Message to Bola Tinubu

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Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole sends congratulatory message to Bola Tinubu for his victory as APC flag bearer for election into the office of President of Nigeria in coming election

I congratulate you, my leader, on your well-deserved victory in the just concluded presidential primary contest of our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). This victory is a reaffirmation of your much-acclaimed unique capacity to headhunt, mobilize, motivate and empower the best minds, irrespective of their tribe or religion, and use their combined creative efforts to translate your vision into reality. This is a key asset of leadership that you possess, which over the years, has differentiated you from others and positioned you well above your contemporaries.

Although it was clear to many of us from the onset, that you possess all it takes to lead this country at the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure, taking into consideration your antecedents and the sacrifices you have made for our Party, we are nonetheless gratified by the level of goodwill and overwhelming acceptability that you enjoy among our party faithful from across the country which translated into votes during the primary convention.

You represent a movement, a force, full of energy and radiating hope of a brighter future to come, when Nigerians hand over to you the baton of leadership, which you are well prepared for and ready to accept with all its attendant responsibilities.

As the flagbearer of our great party, you certainly do not need any introduction. You are a household name, a cherished personality and a beloved brand, who most Nigerians have come to recognize as synonymous with infrastructure development, wealth creation, human empowerment, gender equality, poverty alleviation, human rights, religious tolerance, building bridges of cooperation and mutual respect among Nigerians, etc. These and many more are the enviable hallmarks of your career in private and public service.

I have no doubt that Nigerians, no matter their political persuasions, will readily recognize your unique abilities and accept you as the right person needed at this momentous time, to lead this nation and transcend all extant challenges.

My leader, once again, I congratulate you and wish you continuous excellent health of mind and body as we look forward, God willing, to a better future for our country under your able leadership.

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