Businesses can save costs with tech, says Zoho Boss

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Businesses can save costs with the application of technology to their process, the Country Manager, Zoho Nigeria, Kehinde Ogundare, has said.

Rising inflation and a global economic challenge has affected everything from electricity tariffs to transportation, all crucial to the performance of Nigerian enterprises, he noted.

He noted that by adopting the right technologies and using them the right way, enterprises can ensure that they are in the best possible position to tackle their challenges head-on.

Ogundare said, “Technology does not only enable enterprises to cut costs, find efficiencies, and unlock higher productivity levels; it also allows them to engage with customers better and find new avenues for growth.”

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According to him, by embracing remote and hybrid work models, more businesses can exponentially decrease the costs associated with maintaining an office space. He argued that with much collaboration and communication available today, enterprises can stay connected from afar and sustain efficiency and productivity.

 He argued that remote and hybrid work can also make it easier for businesses to expand into new regions.

 “Another factor to consider is the ability to work and save more information to the cloud, eliminating the need for excess paperwork and large machinery that often leads to extensive hardware maintenance.

“Moving paperwork like payroll processing, salary disbursement, customer records, and support inquiries to the cloud opens up further potential to analyse available data and automate repetitive tasks where necessary. This can significantly reduce the manual labour of data entry for staff, thereby making them more efficient and productive.”

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