Dangerous prank: Trinityguy reacts to Police’s arrest threat

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Popular skitmaker and prankster, Abdullahi Maruff Adisa, popularly known as Trinity Guy, has expressed gratitude to the Police Force Public Relations Officer (PPRO), CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, for bringing his notice to some aspects of his content that is in need of amendment.

This appreciation is coming a few hours after CSP Adejobi called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the prankster after a video of him threatening a little girl to describe the color of his private part before he could leave her alone went viral on social media.

Reacting to the criticism he has been receiving from all ends as a result of his pranks which many describe as being overly offensive and dangerous, the prankster took to his Instagram account today to appreciate the PPRO, whom he described as a father. He equally lauded the officer for his immense role in safeguarding and ensuring sanity in society.

He also appreciated the police force in general, his fans, and everyone who has called to show concern about what he described as the ‘misconception about his work and person.’

He said, “I would love to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has been calling and showing concern about the misconception about my work and my person. I would equally love to show my appreciation to my fans all over the world, my colleagues, the Nigerian Police, and most especially my daddy, Mr. Adejobi Olumuyiwa, for his fatherly role in calling my attention to some areas where I needed to work on or ammend. The efforts in safeguarding the nation are truly inspiring and appreciated. Thank you so much, sir. May God bless you and everyone one of us.”

The appreciation video, however, failed to sit well with some social media users who took to Twitter to call him out for thanking the PPRO rather than apologizing.

The social media users maintained that what was needed is an apology video, not an appreciation video.

Twitter user, @Jamiu_Agboluaje, who reacted to the video, wrote, “Misconception? Instead, make the ‘werey’ apologize and promise to change his pattern of content. He dey here dey yarn rubbish.”

Supporting his stand, @skenks tweeted, “See me thinking I was about to watch him apologize. Arrest him.”

“He should be apologizing, not showing appreciation. This is like saying, ‘I appreciate your criticism, but I did nothing wrong’,” @DfzyWears opined.

The Oyo-born prankster has been a trending topic following the first call for his arrest by CSP Adejobi earlier this week.


Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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