Did Gov. Adeleke truly snub Ooni’s handshake, watch these two videos to confirm (VIDEOS)

Posted by Timige, On 16 Nov, 2023 | Updated On 17 Nov, 2023 No Comments »


A clip showing the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, appearing to brush off the extended hand of the Ooni of Ife, while enthusiastically shaking others is trending.

The governor and the monarch attended a ceremony in Ondo State. The Governor is seen greeting dignitaries seated on the high table at the occasion and the Ooni stood up with his right hand extended for a handshake.

The governor appears to deliberately by-pass the hand to greet other dignitaries.

However, another clip of the governor and Ooni shaking hands and conversing at the same event has since been posted by those at the occasion to kill the rumour of there being a bad blood between the two dignitaries.

See the two clips below;


Source: Spectators Ng

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