FCT Natives Appeal For Ministerial Position

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Natives of the Federal Capital Territory have appealed to the federal government to consider FCT indigenes for ministerial appointments and grant Abuja recognition as a state to ensure equality and development.

Mr. Danjuma Tanko Dara, an elder statesman and stakeholder of the FCT who made the call yesterday in a press briefing on behalf of the natives also called on President Bola Tinubu to give proper consideration to ancestral owners of lands in the FCT to give the natives a sense of belonging and equal representation in Nigeria.

Dara while expressing disappointment at the denial of the natives their legal and constitutional right to have a ministerial position from among the people, said it was long overdue for the indigenous people of Abuja to have a minister and that any well-meaning government would grant the request.

He said the position of FCT minister from indigenous persons of the FCT was something they had been advocating for, and for equal rights and justice to be done to the people of Abuja.

“It is not illegal, by law it is legal. We are qualified by law to have an appointed minister that will represent us in the cabinet. However, it might not necessarily be the minister of the FCT, but giving us the minister of the FCT is doing the party a great favor.

“The present government needs to get it right this time and ensure that if possible, an indigene is appointed minister of the FCT, if not the main minister, they can appoint an indigenous person as the minister of state for the FCT and see the difference,” he said.

Source: Leadership

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