Insecurity: University don calls for protection of Nigerian borders

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In order to curb insecurity in the country, a university don, Prof. Sam Obadiah Smash, has called on the Federal Government to secure Nigerian borders.

Prof. Obadiah made the call on Friday in Abuja during the launch of his books ‘Taxonomy and Anatomy of Crime & Insecurity in West Africa’ and ‘University Research Methods in Social Science & Humanity,’ as well as the celebration of his 60th birthday.

He said the government needs to look inward and structure responses that are specific in addressing the root causes of insecurity in the country.

Obadiah said, “National security should be perceived from the regional, and if you are looking at Nigeria as a whole, you will realize that whatever is happening in Nigeria is, of course, emanating from regional politics, regional security, regional economy. So, ethically, looking at Nigeria within ECOWAS and the general West African sub-region, you find out that what we have comes largely from our neighbours. So, we must protect and monitor our borders; that’s the only way.

“I think that these books’ contribution enables us to see the need to view our problems not just as internal but also as regional and international problems. That’s the major thing I want us to take home.

“The thing is that the development of any security strategy depends on looking at home. You look at home and see what makes it difficult for us to keep safe. So, if you take a look at the economic situation, you look at the poverty level, look at the levels of the human development index, a lot of these issues come from within. But then, there is an external connection.

“The people that don’t want you to prosper will always be available to help you destroy yourself. I think that’s the essence. So, the security structures of different countries that make up West Africa, that make up the societies that we generally live in we must look inward and structure responses that are specific, addressing those root causes of insecurity because if you say you want to keep importing equipment, importing arms and all of that, criminals have them; they have access to them. That’s not the practical solution. The practical solution is to deal with the root by removing those things,” he stated.

The Chairman of the occasion, Prof. Rufa’i Ahmed Alkali, stressed the essence of the books when he said, “Students of universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and even security agencies can use the books. One of the books deals with the issue of security in this country, and you know, these are topical issues today. The other one is talking about research methodology.

“I hope this will serve as an inspiration for others also to write books. The issue is that when we have protracted issues in a country like this, every idea is important. If somebody can sit down and do whole research and publish a book, by the time you go through it, there must be some ideas you pick from that book and use to advance the course of protecting the country because, for now, there is another concern which is facing the country. I hope this book will help the country in addressing the issue.”

Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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