IPMAN Orders Marketers to Sell Petrol at N180 Per Litre Against FG’s N165

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IPMAN says they can not afford to be selling petrol at government recommended price any longer. And the body has directed its members to be selling at N180 per litre

Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) on Monday, 20 June, asked marketers accross the country to begin dispensing petrol at N180 per litre and above.

The cartel said it was no longer possible to sell at the government’s cap of N165 per litre.

The chairman and executives, in conjunction with some senior members of our unit, organised a press conference today, 20th June 2022, at IPMAN house Ejigbo Lagos, where we explained our predicament with the current price of PMS at the private depot.

We explained that with the current price, there is no way we can sell less than N180 per litre. On this note, members are hereby advised to sell at a sustainable price within their environment.

IPMAN spokesman Akeem Balogun said in a statement:
Just make sure that the price on your pump. kindly contact the secretariat should you have any authority challenging your operations.

The decision comes as petrol importers are seething over the government’s failure to address the subsidy regime. Marketers said the N165 per litre price set by the government was lower than the import price per litre.

The federal government has missed several self-imposed deadlines to remove fuel subsidies, largely because it could further impoverish the country’s masses.

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