Knocks Trail Clerics Praying at Bobrisky’s Housewarming

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Bobrisky - Idris Okuneye
People's reaction to the presence of Islamic clerics at crossdresser, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky's housewarming

A viral video on social media has shown Muslim clerics praying at the housewarming ceremony of the controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky.

In the video from the event on Sunday, Bobrisky was seated and fully clad in female Yoruba traditional attire, surrounded by Muslim clerics who sat on the floor and offered Islamic prayers.

The video has sparked knocks from Twitter users who faulted the presence of clerics at the crossdresser’s event.

A tweep, @ola_bode20, said,

How will those Alfas address Bobrisky? Hajia Idris or Alhaji wa Idris? Because they will have to mention a name.

Clerics praying for Bobrisky on house warming. In this country just make money, then all cases are automatically settled.


Religion leaders are forfeiting the words of God for the sake of money. How can Alfas and Chief Imam that a whole community is looking up to attend Bobrisky house warming party? Is this not like endorsing cross-dressing under Islam? This is so embarrassing to watch.

@tee_classiquem1 tweeted

Alfa rallied around Bobrisky, praying for her. They don’t know he is a boy turned girl? Double standard everywhere.

@unclefemi_ fumed

All this useless Alfa make them see good ones finish, hunger no make them talk truth, can they ask if Bobrisky is she or he so they can know how to talk or pray for her/him?

@okinbakare tweeted

So these set of Alfas were invited for Bobrisky’s house warming. So the Alfa will be like Alhaja wa Bobrisky Iya wa daada. Abi wetin now. I no understand again ooo. All because of money. Lemme sha mind my business.

@fattylincornn tweeted

So all these Alfas went to pray at Bobrisky’s house warming party for Real? Alfa isonu, I hail thee. Alfas on the floor and senior man on the chair. This ones na ikpanni Alfas them be.


The housewarming ceremony of Bobrisky’s N400m mansion was attended by celebrities and influencers like Laide Bakare, Ashmusy, Mercy Eke, and a host of others.

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