Lagos Dowen College Alleged Cult Torture of Late Sylvester Oromoni – Video

Posted by Timige, On 4 Dec, 2021 | Updated On 6 Dec, 2021 No Comments »

Dowen college late Sylvester Oromoni
Dowen College alleged cult torture of late Sylvester Oromoni. See video of the boy before his death and his father reaction

Sylvester after the torture and before his death
Mr Oromoni, Sylvester’s father reaction

People’s Reactions

So sad, watching the video even made me cry, I could feel the pain in the man’s voice, if the parents of those kids supports or smuggle their kids out of the country, sorry will never cease in their lives. Bad parenting leads to bad society

chima edoronwa

Dear parents always listen to your kids. i went through similar maltreatment in boarding school, my parents only withdrew me because of my falling grades, not because of the molestation i went through in the hands of my seniors.

Urban Dj Slowburn

I am a product of 2 boarding schools. Vices are in both day and boarding schools. It’s a wake up call for parents and school admins. But justice needs to be served. Shame on the school authorities for not discerning or for trying to cover-up this murderous act. The boy must get justice!! My heartfelt condolences to the family. This is really sad. RIP Sly.

SHegz B

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