Nasarawa PDP protests fake news distorting chances to reclaim mandate

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nasarawa State has decried what they described as a barrage of fake news aimed at distorting its chances of reclaiming its stolen mandate.

This is even as the party also denounced media distortions in election petition reportage.

Addressing the issue in a statement in Abuja, the State Chairman of the PDP, Hon. Francis Orogu, criticised what he tagged as manipulation of public opinion through fabricated narratives.

Orogu highlighted that this isn’t the first time such tactics have been employed by agents of the opposing All Progressives Congress (APC) and the state governor.

He expressed concern over the distortion of key witness testimonies in the ongoing governorship election petition in Lafia.

In response to these allegations, Orogu firmly stated that the PDP will not engage in responding to misleading claims disseminated through state propaganda outlets or biased social media channels.

There was nowhere the State PDP Returning Agent not “Collation Agent, Mr Baba, denied the PDP’s petition before the tribunal”, saying that “the figures allocated to favour the PDP were due to human errors by the PDP lawyers in all the alleged polling units and wards”.

The chairman emphasised that the PDP’s key witness, Barr. Ayiwulu Baba Ayiwulu presented an unambiguous account at the tribunal.

He denounced the manipulation of Ayiwulu’s words by the APC, asserting that the aim to influence public opinion has failed.

Addressing the claims made by Mr. Kassim A Kassim, an appointee, Orogu clarified that withholding certain INEC documents won’t deter the PDP’s pursuit of justice. He asserted that other documents already presented in court provide sufficient evidence to challenge the alleged mandate theft.

In conclusion, the PDP Nasarawa chairman reaffirmed the party’s commitment to transparency and urged the public to disregard false narratives propagated by various sources. The ongoing tribunal process will continue to unfold as both parties present their cases in the pursuit of justice.


Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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