Netflix ‘A Naija Christmas’: 5 things to know about the Christmas

Posted by Timige, On 19 Dec, 2021 | Updated On 19 Dec, 2021 No Comments »

Naija Christmas 2
Three brothers scramble to find lovers to bring home to their mother for the Christmas season as she dangles a prize in front of them

Netflix is bringing to screens another Christmas watch and this is a bit more special as ‘A Naija Christmas’ is set to be the streaming site’s first Nigerian Christmas original! The Christmas movie looks to be a fun addition to the slew of holiday movies and will be a comedic watch.

With the holidays around the corner, the Netflix movie will see a fed-up mother promise the family house to whichever one of her three sons gets married first. All three of them will indulge in some good old sibling rivalry to introduce ladies to their mom, in order to get the house. If Christmas watches excite you then do check out ‘Christmas Flow’ and ‘A Castle For Christmas’ as well, but for now, read on to know more on the mayhem to come!

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