Netflix Releases Trailer for First Nigerian Christmas Movie

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Naija Christmas
According to Netflix, [A Naija Christmas] is a family comedy. The film features three loyal sons of one formidable mother racing against time

As the yuletide season fast approaches, Netflix has released the trailer for it’s first Nigerian Christmas film ‘A Naija Christmas’.

The Kunle Afolayan produced and directed by movie follows a Nigerian mother who is unimpressed by her sons refusal to get married and give her grandchildren, demands that they bring home their partners on Christmas Day. It is an easy enough request to fulfil as her sons will do everything to make their mother happy. There is one small problem, these partners do not exist.

Speaking on why A Naija Christmas is the must see film this season, prolific filmmaker Kunle Afolayan says “A Naija Christmas movie is real, original, funny and the first Christmas movie of its kind. Working with the late, great Rachel Oniga was massive honor, and her heartwarming performance is typical of her flawless artistry.

All roads definitely lead to Netflix on December 16th, for a quintessentially Naija Christmas!” Afolayan disclosed.

A Naija Christmas will launch globally and exclusive to Netflix on December 16, 2021.

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