Nigerian artist, Ken Nwadiogbu lights up Oxford street with digital installation

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Ken Nwadiogbu
Ken Nwadiogbu is the first Nigerian since 2019 to have his work on that screen in London

Award-winning Nigerian artist, Ken Nwadiogbu’s has continued to use his brush to make history.

Nwadiogbu left his mark on the cityscape of the busy Oxford Street in London on his latest exhibition, digital installation on the Façade of Flannels.

Presented by W1 Curates, Nwadiogbu’s art was displayed on 4k digital screen viewable twenty-four hours a day for two weeks straight, on a three-story building on Oxford Street in London.

With that, he became the first Nigerian and African-based artist to grace the screens since 2019 when W1 Curates partnered with the designer shopping store owned Mike Ashley.

“We’ve always been a huge fan of the story behind Ken’s works. After meeting him in person we just had to collaborate. He’s such a humble yet talented guy,” founder of W1 curates said.

“We think you’ll be seeing a lot more of his works in years to come.”

This is not the first time Nwadiogbu’s craft has been shown in a London space.

In July 2021, he partnered UK-based Shipart for its Vehicle Wrap project tagged ArtOnWheels.

The mobile art showcase moved around the city touching iconic places such as Wembley Stadium and Heathrow Airport among others.

A self-taught artist, Ken Nwadiogbu is a multidisciplinary artist whose art reflects his own human experience and acts as a social commentary on the experience of others.

In the art world, he is credited for introducing the ‘Contemporealism’ movement and has been recognized for his contribution to the Nigerian arts community.

A Future Awards winner, one of his most famous works was a piece for the global #MeToo movement—which he completed it within 24 hours.

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