Nigerian Transgender Jay Boogie Cries for Help After Failed Cosmetic Surgery

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Popular Nigerian social media sensation, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, known as Jay Boogie, has cried out after undergoing a failed plastic surgery.

Jay Boogie on Wednesday, in a series of posts on social media, asked the public to hold a surgeon identified as Dinma of Curvy Girl Essentials responsible if anything happens to him.

In a now trending post via his Instagram story, the transgender shared photos and details of the doctor and clinic he claimed performed his surgery.

“Please, I have a medical emergency. This surgeon wants to kill me. If anything happens to me, it is Dr. Dinma from Curvy Girl Essentials.

“This hospital and doctor are responsible if anything happens to me,” he wrote.

Similarly, Loveth Jennifer, a Namibia-based Nigerian doctor, accused the surgeon and clinic of medical negligence.

Jennifer said Jay Boogie has been “unable to pass urine for 24 hours now after surgery.”

She alleged that the hospital abandoned the transgender and “claimed she has kidney issues”.

“Nothing must happen to Jay Boogie. Don’t think because she is a trans person in Nigeria then there are no people to fight for her,” she wrote via Instagram.

“Jay Boogie has not been able to pass urine for 24 hours now after surgery and you think it makes sense to dump her in a weird hospital and claim she has kidney issues?

“Your facility is not even in charge of taking him to the hospital? What do you think you are doing? Take full responsibility and take her to the hospital!

“How dare you even operate on her without the patient coming with family or friend? Is this what you people have turned Nigeria’s healthcare system to?

“Nigerians leave sexuality out of this! Focus on the issue of medical negligence. What is wrong with us? Who she chooses to share her bed with is none of our business! She needs help!”

Following the public outcry, the health facility locked its social media pages.

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