Nigerian youths leaving country instead of awaiting God’s plans: ICPC boss

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By Bukola Adewumi

Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, the Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), has admonished Nigerians to hold on to God for blessing, rather than running away from the country without
a good plan or taking to crime to enrich themselves.

Owasanoye gave the advice during a sermon at the House of Truth Church on Sunday in Abuja.

The theme of the sermon is: Angelic Tiding and Goldly signs. He read from the book of Luke 2:8-12.

According to him, a lot of youths are leaving Nigeria because they feel life is better out there, rather than wait for the plan and purpose of God for their lives.

He stated that some people would rather also go the extra mile to lie about their conditions, even change their names, all in a bid to leave the country.

“Going out of Nigeria does not guarantee that they will be successful, it is the blessing of God that makes the difference,” he noted.

On corruption, he stated that some people had acquired assets for themselves that they could not even see or enjoy in their life time, because of greed.

“These are the things killing our nation, Nigeria is a blessed country that needs men of integrity to make the difference,” he said.

He stressed that God would not bless anyone involved in criminality or by committing crime, but by doing the right thing and living a good life.

The ICPC chairman added that Nigeria is a great country and needed all hands to be on deck to ensure that it became the country of the people’s dream.

He however appealed to Nigerians to believe in God and angelic ministration, because He is real, noting that some people had actually encountered angelic ministration.

Owasanoye said the advent of technology was to help people and make life easy and not to commit crime, adding that people cut corners to achieve success, instead of doing the right thing and wait for God’s blessings.

The ICPC boss urged believers to ask God for the ability to redeem the time and not be afraid.

Source: PMNews

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