Nigerians react as Ododo kneels to present Certificate of Return to Yahaya Bello (Video)

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The decision of Kogi State Governor-elect, Usman Ododo, to kneel and present his Certificate of Return to Governor Yahaya Bello has stirred a wave of reactions among Nigerians.

Ododo’s unexpected action took place following the collection of his certificate alongside his running mate, Joel Salifu.

The Certificate of Return was formally presented at the INEC headquarters in Lokoja, the state capital, on Friday by the State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Gabriel Longpet.

The event drew the presence of Governor Bello, key members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and a large gathering of party supporters.

In a surprising move witnessed by many, Ododo, after receiving his certificate, approached Governor Bello and knelt to present it to him, eliciting amazement among onlookers.

However, this gesture has sparked diverse reactions on social media.

While some netizens expressed disapproval, criticising the action as an indication of prevailing godfatherism in Nigerian politics, others weighed in with varying perspectives on the development, such as “Nigeria is doomed”.

Watch the video below

See some of the reactions below:

@jibbsXL tweeted:

This is irritating

@dmark4real tweeted:

Yahaya Bello for another 8 years. Hmmmmmm. Naija 21st century politics

@Tee_Classiquem1 tweeted:

Godfatherism has taken over Naija politics

@Ikepicano tweeted:

Nigeria is dooooommmed

@VivienVivicoko tweeted:

Congregation of people who are only after their own deep pockets

@VitalNigeria tweeted:

and there you are expecting progress

@VAbuul tweeted:

It is clearly a third term for Gov Yahaya Bello.

@bigfrank_123 tweeted:

You guys should be worried about this type of politics. This governor’s sole aim is to please Yaya and not the people of Kogi.

@SunnetplanetC tweeted:

Power is crazy, just a matter of time, his true loyalty will be tested.

@obehieguakhide wrote:

The incoming governor’s bow to the outgoing governor is a gesture lacking in democratic essence, painting Nigerians as backward in political evolution.

“Such acts, rather than fostering respect, risk undermining confidence in our democratic values. These symbolic gestures should align with democratic principles to inspire trust among international investors. A commitment to modern democratic norms is crucial for national progress and global partnerships.”

Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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