SDP vows to challenge Kogi gov election outcome

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The leadership of the Social Democratic Party has said  it would challenge the results of the November 11, 2023 Kogi governorship election.

The SDP said that it had noticed significant anomalies that affected the election’s result in some voting centres that should have produced a different winner than Usman Ododo of the All Progressives Congress and that Muritala Ajaka of the SDP ought to have been declared winner.

Though the party is pleading with the Independent National Electoral Commission to recognise Ajaka as the legitimately elected state governor, the party stated that it is gathering evidence for a legal dispute with the APC.

The PUNCH reports  that INEC  declared that the APC candidate  received 446,237 votes, surpassing the total votes received by the SDP candidate that came in second with 259,052 votes.

Addressing journalists  on Friday in Abuja, the National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Shehu Gabam said,  “We in SDP disagree, we are sad, we are disappointed, at this level of civilisation, this level of developing our democracy, that such level of brazen disregard for the rule of law is still accepted. We will not leave it, we will challenge it, and we are putting all our facts together.

“We have told the President this will be the first test run for his integrity, I don’t know if we are moving into a one-state system, we are following some of the development, we are following some of the judicial pronouncements.

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“In this same country that we fought for democracy, in this country in 1999 some of the best politicians were arrested and sent to prison for the restoration of democracy. From 1999 to date our democracy has produced more than grandchildren, so, we are not learning.”

Gabam further revealed that as Nigeria has the biggest democracy in Africa, he expressed fears that the election outcome was the worst ever witnessed.

He bemoaned the fact that the electoral umpire had indicted its officials for compromising, but that no action had been taken despite his assertion that impunity was the norm.

He added,  “Nigeria is the biggest democracy in Africa, we are on a very fragile stage. We are having the worst situation; we are having impunity as the order of the day, where INEC admitted their officers have compromised, they demanded the arrest of those officers, they have their details, and they deployed them, but the good thing is that we have not seen security officers compromising, especially in Kogi State.

“We are not cowards, we exhibited that capacity and we can never be cowed, this country belongs to all of us. The President said several times that the ball stopped at his own desk, but the ball is still at his own desk. The National Security Adviser said to make very sound pronouncements, that boost our morale and confidence, he said that there wouldn’t be cheating acts or malpractices that would not be condoned. His own personnel will be there monitoring the events.”

Source: Punch

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