Seek approval before road repairs, Kwara tells residents

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The Kwara State government has warned individuals and corporate bodies against embarking on any road repairs in the state without first obtaining the permission of the state to do so.

The state issued the warning in a statement on Monday by the Press Secretary to the state Ministry of Works and Transport, Bola Onile.

Onile said, “We have seen unfortunate instances where individuals just commenced work on a government facility or deployed materials there without any notice to the government. This is clearly not tidy, and will not be encouraged.

“For instance, the government has recently approved rehabilitation works on at least 43 roads across the state, while many more would soon be announced. Some of these 43 internal roads have been completed; some are still being worked on, while the others are to begin shortly.”

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He, however, said the Kwara State Ministry of Works and Transport “welcomes every support it can get in its commitment to deepen infrastructural and socioeconomic development in the state.”

Onile said, “A need for collaboration cannot be over-emphasised because governments worldwide are generally constrained by limited resources amid mounting responsibilities to the citizens with competing interests and needs.

“However, the government requests everyone wanting to do any interventions on state-owned facilities to approach the relevant ministries, departments, or agencies of the government for concurrence and approval.

“This is the due process, which is necessary for official record and accountability. Such communication also prevents duplication of efforts and confusion arising from arbitrary work on government’s facilities without prior notifications and approvals.”

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