Stella Damascus warns parents: ‘Your children are not dogs, don’t put leash on them’

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By Eluemelem Jennifer

Veteran actress, Stella Damascus has come out in pain to address parents who put their children on a leash in order to control them.

In a Video uploaded through her social media handle, the actress said that she had been seeing this occurrence a lot.

“Parents will put on a leash on their children as though they are dogs, they are not dogs, they are children,” she lamented.

Damascus added: “I don’t care how problematic your child is, I don’t care how badly behaved your child is. There is no place on this earth that is okay for a woman on a leash physically.”

She advised parents who had children with issues to find a solution, a doctor, a therapist or anyone or even keep the children at home.

Damascus also urged them to find a caretaker if the child is too big to carry.

“It is wrong to put a leash on their hands, waist, on the neck, they are not dogs, they are children,” while urging people to advise any of their known contacts who had been doing so to stop it.

“It is wrong,” she stated.

Source: PMNews

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