The day I t0asted Toyin, I sl£pt with her, Mr. Kola debunked claim of being impotent (VIDEO)

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Mr. Kola, the man who DNA proved he is not the father of his four children, has debunked as rumour by his wife that he is not impotent.

Remember that a news went viral about a man from Ikire in Osun State after DNA proved that he is not the father of his four children birthed by his wife, Toyin.

The wife, Toyin Olanrewaju after the news which was first broadcast on Agidigbo FM radio in Ibadan on Sunday, said the husband was impotent, a reason she had the children with other men.

But in a new edition of the radio program, ‘Kokoro Alate’ on Wednesday evening, the man debunked the claim as false. The man, who is a Mathematics teacher and tailor said he had sex with her the day he he toasted her during his NYSC program.

During the radio program, another woman came to alleged that Toyin had snatched her husband who is simply identified as Aderemi and he is presently living with her.

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Source: Spectators Ng

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