The True Story Behind The Vigilante Who Was Killed For Blasphemy in Abuja

Posted by Timige, On 6 Jun, 2022 | Updated On 6 Jun, 2022 No Comments »

Killed Abuja Vigilante for Blasphemy
Government needs to act fast against the wave of indiscriminate killing of innocent Nigerians for blasphemy. Here is the true story behind the recent killing of Ahmad Musa in Abuja

They were actually a group of miscreants who committed crime and were arrested and on failing to get the vigilante to release their arrested friends, they lied that he blaspheme the prophet of Islam.

They kill him for arresting criminals and refusing to release them.

You see, when religious and political leaders refuse to condemn evil openly and take action against law breakers, they encourage such barbaric acts and good men will continue to pay with their lives for doing good.

Anybody can wake up and call you a blasphemer any time he/she fail to influence you to do bad.

Apparently if someone does not like your face in the North today all he has to do is frame you up like they did to Ahmad Musa and boom they roast you like suya.

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