Top 10 Highest Scoring NBA Games Of All Time

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NBA is no doubt the premier basketball league in the world. Since its founding, a lot has happened, from the emergence of great players and game improvements, to the setting of new records. Like soccer, basketball has staunch fans who follow every development in detail.

Despite being an ardent follower, do you know the highest scoring games in NBA history? You might be guessing already, but how accurate is your guesswork? We are going to find it soon.

For the 77 years of NBA existence, teams and players have recorded outstanding performances, some breaking records and setting new ones. This list looks at the highest scoring NBA games in history.

10 Highest Scoring NBA Games Ranked

1. Denver Nuggets 184-186 Detroit Pistons

This game was played in December 1983 and remains one of the highest scoring games in the league’s history. Played at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado; it was a thrilling game where history was made as both the winning and losing teams scored the highest points.

The game ended with the Detroit Pistons winning 186 points against 184 for the Denver Nuggets. It was a tight competition that saw both teams score 370 combined points, whereby Kiki VanDeWeghe of Nuggets scored 51 points. Additionally, during the game, 4 players scored at least 40 points.

The game also holds the NBA record for most field goals and total assists. Both teams had a combined of 142 field goals and 93 total assists.

2. Sacramento Kings 176–175 Los Angeles Clippers

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This ranks among the highest scoring in the NBA league. Sacramento Kings played the Los Angeles Clippers in February 2023 in Arena, Los Angeles, California. Looking at the NBA scores today 2022, this game no doubt has one of the highest scores in the seasons and so far in the 21st century.

The game was phenomenal as both teams showed exceptional performance, ending with a total of 351 combined points. With Sacramental Kings edging out Los Angeles Clippers 176 against 175, the game entered the records as the second-highest scoring game in the NBA league history.

Apart from becoming the second, the game saw Malik Monks of Kings scoring 45 points, the best in his career, while De’Aaron Fox scored 42 points. Kawhi Leonard of the Clippers scored 44 points, followed by Paul George and Norman Powell, each 34 and 24, respectively.

3. San Antonio Spurs 171-166 Milwaukee Bucks

Spurs vs Backs is yet another memorable record-breaking game in the NBA league. The game was played in March 1982, and both teams scored a combined 337 points. It ended with the San Antonio Spurs winning 171 points while the Milwaukee Bucks took home 166.

Spurts got a massive boost from George Gervin, who clinched 50 points, while Mike Mitchell scored 45. Mike Mitchell of the Bucks scored 42 points, closing the list of three players who scored more than 40.

4. Atlanta Hawks 161-168 Chicago Bulls

Another game that was among the top-scoring basketball games was between the Atlanta Hawks and the famous Chicago Bulls in March 2019. The game makes it in this list because both teams had a combined score of 329 after 4 overtimes, which is a record in the NBA league.

The game ended with the Chicago Bulls thrashing the Atlanta Hawks 168 – 161. Unlike other games where the winning team leads in high scoring, in this case, Hawks Trae Young was the highest scorer with 49 points, followed by Zach LaVine of Bulls. The game ended up being a record holder for most losses by winning and losing teams.

5. Denver Nuggets 158-162 Golden State Warriors

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The basketball derby between the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors led to history, with 320 points from both teams. The game ended with the Warriors flooring Nuggets 162 to 158. Played on November 1990 at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado, records were set.

The game ended with both teams scoring highest points in regulation. Additionally, warriors Mullin emerged as the top soccer with 38 points, followed by Nuggets Orlando Woolridge with 37 points.

6. Denver Nuggets 163-155 San Antonio Spurs

Both teams here have already tasted record-breaking NBA games. The clash of the Titans happened in January of 1984 in McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado. It was one of the highest scoring games where the points were earned without overtime.

The Nuggets became a hard nut to crack for the Spurs by beating them 163 to 155, giving it a combined score of 318 points. The teams had reached 99 points in quarters while Nuggets Vandeweghe emerged top scorer with 50 points.

7. New Jersey Nets 157-161 Phoenix Suns

If you looked at the Herald Tribute of December 8th, 2006, the title was reading Sun Scorches Net. This referred to the beating of New Jersey Nets thrashing by Phoenix Suns 157 to 161. The win was facilitated by Steve Nash, who scored 42 points.

Despite the wild shootouts and the Nets trying to outdo their competitors, the game ended in a tie, leading to overtime. With just a few seconds to the game end, Boris Diaw sealed the Nets’ fate by propelling the Suns to win by adding 14 points. The game ended with a total of 318 points.

8. Washington Wizards 158-159 Houston Rockets

Played on October 31st, 2019, ended with the Rockets winning against Wizards 159 to 158. It’s one of the highest scoring games in the NBA league, with 317 points.

Despite Bradley Beal scoring 46 points for the Wizards and emerging as the top scorer, this didn’t prevent rivals from winning. The extreme competition led to the high scores.

9. Philadelphia Warriors 169-147 New York Knicks

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The game was played in March 1962, over 50 years ago, and remains one of the most memorable basketballs in the history of the NBA. The match ended with the Warriors winning 169 against 147 for the Knicks.

During the match, there were over 4,000 spectators who witnessed Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points in a single match. He remains the record holder or highest points scorer in a single game to date. Also, he propelled the Warriors to win the match

10. Cincinnati Royals 165-151 San Diego Rockets

Cincinnati Royals played with San Diego Rockets in this unforgettable game on March 12th, 1972. The match ended with the Royals winning with 165 points, while the Rockets got 151 points and a combined  316 points

The game saw 4 Rockets players scoring more than 28 points, while the Royals saw 5 players each scoring more than 20 points, delivering an easy win. Although the Rockets lost the match, Elvin Hayes was the highest scorer with 40 points.


Out of over 12 million NBA games played, these 10 are the only ones that make it to the top lists. With the league still in progress, we can expect the list to change, and more history and records will be set. However, for now, these featured are some fantastic records in place.

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