VIDEO: Tinubu undertakes lesser Hajj, says Nigeria requires hardwork, prayer to grow

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said the nation’s prospect is yet to blossom to the level required, adding that hard work and prayer are needed.

Tinubu, who recently completed his official duties in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, also took time off to undertake the lesser Hajj (Umrah) rites in the holy city of Makkah.

In an interview shared on NTA X page Monday, the president stated that although the country was yet to reach the desired level, with hard work and dedication, it would.

He said, “For the country, may our prosperity grow and our humanity be kind to everyone.

“The prospect of the country is yet to blossom to the level that we require; it needs hard work and consistent prayer, and we are giving it to our mind and spirit in every way possible.

“Strength is our diversity and we’ll continue to build on that for the prospect and sake of the country.”

Source: State Oyo - Tribune

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