Yahoo boys spotted in viral video bathing with human bl00d (Watch)

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Yahoo Boys Bathing with bl00d

A group of individuals suspected to be involved in internet fraud, commonly known as ‘Yahoo boys,’ were captured on a viral video engaged in what appears to be a ritual bath. The footage shows them bathing with what is believed to be an animal’s blood, while a native doctor performs the occultic ceremony.

The native doctor sprinkles blood on the unclothed young men and offers prayers, hoping that their fraudulent activities will bring them more wealth, including enough funds to buy houses.

The ritual also involves the native doctor smashing eggs on the heads of the Yahoo boys. The video has elicited various reactions, with some expressing astonishment at the desperation of these individuals, while others seemingly express interest in participating in such rituals themselves. 

Reactions trialling Yahoo boys bathing with blood

Thandiubani wrote: “Na wa o! These boys are desperate.”
marshall__legacy penned: “E better pass ritual I dey look for this kind location ”

nwokoye_spa wrote: “Mugu plus mugu always use ur brain why didn’t he do that for himself he doesn’t like money”

Watch it here

Source: Spectators Ng

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