Younger artistes should appreciate older colleagues — Kas Beats

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A singer and evangelist, Kas Shobayo, aka Kas Beats, has urged younger artistes to show gratitude to older artistes for their contributions to the industry.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Respect for older artistes is crucial, because they paved the way for the younger generation. It is important to acknowledge their contributions and show gratitude. Mutual respect among artistes, regardless of age, is essential for the industry’s growth. Last year in Birmingham, United Kingdom, I performed with Iyanya. Backstage, he thanked me for paving the way for artistes like him. I appreciated his acknowledgment, and respected him for showing respect.”

Reacting to a statement by a rapper, Odumodublvck, who said during the week that nobody paved the way for him, Kas Beats said, “I don’t know much about Odumodublvck, but in this industry, even people I knew before I became successful did not want to help me, because they feared competition.

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“Regarding what the Odumodublvck guy said, good luck to him. I believe that many people paved the way, including radio stations, TV stations, blogs, newspapers, and individuals like Kenny Ogungbe. Many people contribute to an artiste’s success, and pride should not make us forget that.”

Kas Beats added that it was wrong for gospel artistes to demand large sums of money before ministering in churches.  He said, “If one is inviting a gospel singer to praise God, paying them exorbitant fees contradicts the purpose. Instead, understand their needs and compensate them reasonably. If as an artiste, I demand a large sum of money to minister in a church, that is not in alignment with serving God.”

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