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Is Ramez Gilbert Chagoury Death News Real?

Gilbert Ramez Chagoury Death-1

News about Ramez Gilbert Chagoury death has been flying around for a while. Is the news real or fake? Is Ramez not alive? Check it out!

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Can Nigerian Travel to UK Now

can Nigerian travel to UK now

United Kingdom is like a second home for Nigerans. Like before, can Nigerian travel to UK now? Check this out!

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Nigerian nationalist, politician, lawyer, statesman, and chancellor, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo was born on March 6, 1909.

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Odafe Oweh, Nigerian Shining Ravens NFL Player – A Great Nigeria Heritage

Nigeria Odafe Oweh

Nigeria Odafe Oweh is the reigning, shining Raven player in National Football League in US. Check out his journey to stardom

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Nigerian Imafidon Family – is the Smartest Family in UK


Meet Imafidon family, the smartest family in United Kingdom. The family is a Nigerian family of 7. See the profile that makes them the smartest in England

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Fela Anikulapo Kuti and His Wives

Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Fela married 27 young ladies in a day. How was the Abami Eda able to cope with emotional needs of these sexually active young ladies? Can you figure it out?

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Highest Paid Bank Executive in Nigeria


Sola David-Borha is considered the highest paid bank Chief Executive Officer in Nigeria. She earns ₦117m annually. In other words, she is paid ₦484,931 daily

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Lebanese Businessman Who Owns Most Successful Companies in Nigeria


Meet Elias Saad, Lebanese-Nigerian entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses in Nigeria, among which are Eko Pearl NIG LTD, Eko Atlantic City

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Lebanese who got rich and died in Nigeria


Lebanese who are born, bred, got rich and died in Nigeria

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Rich Lebanese Who are Nigerians by Birth


List of rich Lebanese in Nigeria. Ronald Chagoury, Ely Calil, Tatiana Nouri and others. Check it out.

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