Fela Anikulapo Kuti and His Wives

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Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Fela married 27 young ladies in a day. How was the Abami Eda able to cope with emotional needs of these sexually active young ladies? Can you figure it out?

I sleep with at least two of my wives every day, so that within two weeks, I’ve gone round all of them. It’s not a burden.

In fact, it keeps me relaxed and healthy”- Fela Unable to perform in Nigeria where security agents were still on his trail, Fela decided to relocate temporarily to Ghana with the Africa’70.

This was in later part of 1977- some weeks after the bitter episode of destruction of the Kalakuta Republic.

During his sojourn in Ghana, Fela made several visits to Lagos in order to attend to the numerous cases pending in court; he never missed out on any court session involving him.

It was during one of these visits in February 1978 that this extraordinary man took 27 girls to the ‘altar’; these girls were supposed to be members of Africa 70 Band.

This collective solemnization took place at the Parisona Hotel, Lagos and was seen by Fela as a remarkable event to mark the first anniversary of the siege on Kalakuta- February 18 1977.

Fela wanted to give the ceremony the typical African traditional flavor and setting. The ceremony had a shaky start, but when the dust settled, it was finally presided over by an Ifa traditionalist priest called Yesufu Olaleye.

Culled from Dis Fela Sef! ( The Legend(s) Untold by Benson Idonije (Burna Boy’s Grandfather and Fela’s 1st Manager and long time friend)

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