Is Ramez Gilbert Chagoury Death News Real?

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News about Ramez Gilbert Chagoury death has been flying around for a while. Is the news real or fake? Is Ramez not alive? Check it out!

This information has been flying around that Nigerian-Lebanese billionaire businessman is dead. This post is to clear the air about the Ramez Gilbert Chagoury Death. Is the news a rumour or real?

There is one fact that Nigerians and others who are concerned should know about this particular Lebanese-Nigerian family. Ramez Chagoury, Gilbert Ramez Chagoury and Ramez Gilbert Chagoury are three different individuals. Knowing the differences of these individuals help you get clear air about the death news of the Lebanese.

Who is Ramez Chagoury?

Ramez Chagoury was Lebanese immigrants. He emigrated from Lebanon to Nigeria in the 1940s. He came to Nigeria with his wife Alice. The couple had and raised all their children in Nigeria, a country they had both come to love passionately. Among the children is Gilbert. Gilbert has his formal name as Gilbert Ramez Chagoury.

Who is Gilbert Ramez Chagoury?

Gilbert Ramez Chagoury was born January 8, 1946 to Ramez Chagoury, a Lebanese immigrant in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian businessman, diplomat and philanthropist. He is currently living in Paris, France.

He is married to Rose Marie Chamchoum. They have four children. Gilbert named his first son Ramez – after his father.

He left Nigeria for his higher education at the Collège des Frères Chrétiens in Lebanon. He returned to Nigeria afterward. In 1971, Gilbert co-founded the Chagoury Group with his younger brother Ronald with interests in manufacturing, construction among others. Chagoury Group is one of the great Lebanese companies in Nigeria. As at 2013, Gilbert Chagoury and his family have an estimated wealth of $4.2 billion.

He was an Ambassador and Adviser to governments in Africa and the Americas. He served economic adviser to President Mathieu Kérékou of Republic of Benin and also an ambassador to UNESCO.

Gilbert Ramez Chagoury was a close associate of Nigerian dictator, Late General Sani Abacha. Abacha helped the business interests of Gilbert in Nigeria. After the death of Abacha in 1998, for the fear of being prosecuted for criminal charges, Chagoury returned an estimated $300 million to the Nigerian government to secure his indemnity.

Who is Ramez Gilbert Chagoury?

Ramez Gilbert is the first son of Gilbert Ramez Chagoury. He is famously and fondly called Ricco. Just like his dad, Ramez had an optimistic disposition towards life. He impacted positively on the lives of his friends and acquaintances and always knew the right things to say to people in distress.

Is Gilbert Ramez Chagoury Dead Really?

This is to sincerely inform you that news of Gilbert Ramez Chagoury death is not real. The Nigerian-Lebanese billionaire is alive, hale and healthy. Meanwhile his first son Ramez Chaogoury is dead. He died on Saturday, June 6, 2014 in a Paris hospital. Ricco was in his 30s when he died.


Gilbert Ramez Chagoury, the Nigerian-Lebanese billionaire is not dead.

Ramez Chagoury, the first Chagoury in Nigeria and the father of the billionaire is dead.

Ramez Gilbert Chagoury, the first son of the billionaire is late.

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