Lebanese Businessman Who Owns Most Successful Companies in Nigeria

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Meet Elias Saad, Lebanese-Nigerian entrepreneur who owns several successful businesses in Nigeria, among which are Eko Pearl NIG LTD, Eko Atlantic City

Elias Saad is a Lebanese-Nigerian entrepreneur and real estate developer who was born in Nabatieh, a small town in South Lebanon. After obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, he migrated to Nigeria in 1970 where he opened a restaurant, a poultry farm, and printing and packaging companies.

In 1999, he worked in the exportation of cocoa before exploring the contracting and civil construction fields.

In Nigeria, he serves as the Executive Chairman of ELSEJI Telecom Company; Eko Pearl NIG LTD, a development and real estate company; Yasnas NIG LTD, a piling company; Ocean Land, a transportation company; and Bon-Bois NIG LTD, a large scale and high-end furniture company famous for its high quality wooden furniture.

Saad also serves as the biggest Shareholder in two companies: My Joy NIG LTD, one of Nigeria’s biggest exporting companies in the food industry, and C.D.K. NIG LTD, one of the country’s most successful ceramic companies.

Saad, who considers himself highly loyal to his Lebanese roots, has maintained his ties with his country of origin where he currently serves as the Executive Chairman of ESLA, a Lebanese development and contracting company operating in Beirut.

He is a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador to the initiative Live Lebanon, which is dedicated to Lebanon’s development and sustainability and that reaches out to the Lebanese diaspora worldwide for lobbying and support.

More recently, Saad set his sights on the banking sector, becoming one of the biggest shareholders of the First National Bank (FNB) in Beirut, Lebanon.

His development projects include Eko Pearl Towers in Lagos Eko Atlantic City; a 4000 apartment complex in Bangladesh; twenty-seven construction projects in Beirut, which encompass villas, towers, and office buildings; and the Goldove-Moldova Golf City in Moldova, a compound with apartments, malls, and golf courts.

Following his successful business endeavors as well as the positive impact of his projects upon the Moldovan economy, he was appointed Honorary Consul for Moldova in Nigeria and has since delved into the diplomatic sphere.

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