Lebanese who got rich and died in Nigeria

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Lebanese who are born, bred, got rich and died in Nigeria

1. George Calil

George Calil was one of the early set of Lebanese migrants in Nigeria. He lived in Kano State. He dealt in groundnut business between 1940s and 1960s.

Like Aliko Dangote, George Calil was one of the foremost Nigerian entrepreneurs who invested in manufacturing sectors in Kano and other parts of the country.

George Calil got to Kano in 1982 and joined the groundnut trade and later became a produce agent on the approval of the Commodity Control Boards.

In 1951, he established an oil processing mill in Kano and later founded foundry factory, producing tea kettles, silver plate and cast iron materials.

His foundry company was the major supplier of cast steel/iron to Nigerian Railway Corporation and to a few other Nigerian Indigenous Engineering Plants.

He died in 1967 and his business was transferred to Ely and George Calils his sons.

2. Ramez Chagoury

Ramez Chagoury and his wife Alice immigrated to Nigeria in the 1940’s where they instantly laid down roots, became rich and became fully part of Nigerian society and culture.

They are the parents of the prominent co-founders of Chagoury Group – Gilbert and Ronald Chagoury.

3. Michael Lelias

Michael Lelias got to Nigeria in 1886. Actually, he left Lebanon in 1886 for Brazil. When the ship he was had a stopover in Nigeria, he discovered the money left on him was not enough to take him to Brazil, then he stopped in Nigeria and made it his place of residence.

He dealt in cattle trade and was successful with it. He is the great grandfather of owner of Aim Group – business conglomerate of Construction, Real Estate, Broadcasting, I. T. and Catering Firms.

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