Mohbad’s wife, Wumi reveals how his father bring girlfriend to their matrimonial home … revealed why he hates her

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Wunmi, the wife of late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has testified at the coroner’s inquest into his death.

In her testimony, Wunmi narrated how she and Mohbad’s father used to be very close. She said Mohbad’s father even prayed for her to conceive Liam, their son. She said they were so close that Mohbad’s father used to bring his girlfriend to their rented apartment in Lekki and she never raised eyebrows because it was her son’s house.

Wunmi said problems started when she gave birth to Liam. She said Liam’s placenta was what caused their indifference. She and Mohbad refused to hand over Liam’s placenta to Mohbad’s father, which caused a lot of arguments. Ever since then, it was from one issue to another.

•Mohbad’s father in court

Wunmi said it was originally Mohbad’s decision not to hand over the placenta to his father. She, as the wife, just supported his opinion. She also made mention of the allegation from Mohbad’s father of seeing a blood-soaked bucket in Mohbad’s room. She said all of that was a lie and Mohbad’s brother, who stays with them, can testify to it that the cut was just a little cut and what was soaked up was water.

Wunmi narrated how Mohbad got the Ikorodu show and how he sustained an injury after fighting with Prime Boy. She also said that she has been receiving threats since her husband passed on and people are defaming her on social media over what she didn’t do. She also revealed that Mohbad’s Canada visa was approved a day before he died.

Wunmi said she had to run out of her husband’s house after his death because of threats.

The next coroner’s inquest hearing has been moved to November 15, 2023.
This is a developing story and we will provide updates as they become available.

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