MTN customers’ debt cancellation: customers lament service disruption (Screenshot)

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Following a ‘system glitch’ in the early hours of Saturday that caused a cancellation in the debt of subscribers owed to the company, some customers have been lamenting MTN service disruptions.

After the system glitch, the company clarified amid jubilation from subscribers who thought the telecom operator intentionally cancelled their debt. In a post on X, MTN stated that a glitch was responsible for the cancellation, adding that balances will reflect accurate figures once the problem is solved.

But after this system glitch incident,  the frustration and anger among MTN customers continued to mount as they experienced service disruptions following the system glitch. Many customers took to social media platforms like Nairaland and Twitter to air their grievances and seek answers from the telecom company.

One customer shared her ordeal of being unable to use her data despite having a significant balance and not being able to make calls. She recounted her unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue by contacting MTN customer service, as they claimed the fault was not on her end. This lack of clarity and assistance from the company only added to her frustration.

To her surprise, she discovered that many others were facing similar problems, further fueling speculation that MTN was deliberately punishing its subscribers for the earlier debt cancellation glitch. This theory was echoed by another Nairalander who questioned the company’s intentions and expressed disbelief at their actions.

However, not all customers saw the disruptions as a deliberate act. Some users, like @CilicMarin, reported that paying their borrowed airtime immediately resolved the issue, suggesting that the service disruption could be linked to outstanding debts. Another Nairalander, @naptu2, shared their experience of receiving a misleading message about their data being finished when it hadn’t, highlighting a potential problem with MTN’s communication.

The dissatisfaction extended beyond MTN as another customer mentioned similar issues with Glo, another telecom network. They claimed that after clearing their airtime debt, their network was restored. This further fueled the discussion around whether the service disruptions were related to debt collections or technical glitches.

As the discussions continued online, MTN remained silent, failing to address the concerns and complaints raised by its customers. This absence of communication only added to the frustration and dissatisfaction among users who expected swift action from the telecom giant to rectify the situation.

Amidst the growing discontent, customers were left wondering if these disruptions were intentional or the result of technical challenges. The lack of transparency and communication from MTN only served to exacerbate the situation, leaving subscribers feeling unheard and dissatisfied with the company’s response.

Source: Spectators Ng

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