Noel Onobun opens Jolly Jolly Bakery and now serving Nigerian snacks in U. S.

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Nigerian businessman Noel Onobun opens Jolly Jolly Bakery in United States selling Nigerian snacks and bread. Noel named the company after his wife Jolly

From breads to kolaches to cookies, customers to newly opened Jolly Jolly Bakery can make a meal or a snack out of their visit.

The bakery opened its first Dallas location Nov. 14 at 9241 Skillman Street. Jolly Jolly Bakery can be found in Houston and Pearland.

“Our business offers a lot of Nigerian snacks and American and Nigerian bread,” said Noel Onobun, director of operations in Dallas.

Baked fresh daily, the bakery offers sugar-free, wheat, white, cinnamon raisin, raisin, coconut and banana breads as well as pound cakes and dinner rolls.

When it comes to snacks, scotch eggs, chicken pies, meat pies, scones, kolaches, sausage rolls, cookies, cinnamon rolls and muffins are available. Chin Chin, a crunchy and donut-like West African snack, is also served.

James Onobun came up with Jolly Jolly Bakery after he discovered his passion for baking while growing up as an only child in Nigeria. Onobun would follow his parents to the local traders market every weekend to buy bread.

Onobun’s wife, Jolly, was the inspiration behind the bakery’s name.

“Not only does she bring joy to the community but she is the backbone of this company,” according to the Jolly Jolly Bakery website.

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