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Nigeria Population – Past, Present and Future


Population of Nigeria ranging 1921 till date. See history of censuses in Nigeria and why Nigerians don’t believe in the population figures

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Afeez Olajide Adebara Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Involving 10 Nigerian Scammers in US


The trial of 10 Nigerian scammers arrested in Oklahoma, USA has started with first appear, Afeez Olajide Adebara pleads guilty of online romance fraud of about $1.1 Million

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First Nigerian to Become Commissioned British Army Officer


Richard Gabriel Akiwande Savage is the first Nigerian to receive a British Army officer commission. He is also the first in West Africa

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Richard Akinwande Savage Snr – Last African Medical Officer in the Service of British Colony in West Africa


Richard Akinwande Savage was the last African medical officer in the West African Medical Service after colonial master introduced colour bar on the employment of black doctors

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First Nigerian Female Graduate and Medical Doctor


Agnes Yewande Savage is the first Nigerian woman to graduate from university and also double as first Nigerian female doctor

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