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Why some young Nigerians are using cannabis as a normal part of life


Study shows that use of cannabis is increasing among Nigeria youth. The reasons for the abusive use are many and vary

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A tribute to J.P. Clark, Nigeria’s nature poet


Tribute for Nigeria’s foremost poet and playwright, Professor J.P. Clark who died on 13 October, 2020

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Nigeria’s census has always been tricky: why this must change


All previous censuses in Nigeria have been beset with challenges. These have ranged from staffing and logistical shortages to undue political interference and manipulation. Controversies and disputes always followed.

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Nigerian pharma startup Medsaf raising funding as it moves into big data space


Nigerian startup Medsaf, which connects pharmaceutical suppliers with hospitals and pharmacies, is raising a seed round as it continues to move into the lucrative big data space

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Noel Onobun opens Jolly Jolly Bakery and now serving Nigerian snacks in U. S.


Nigerian businessman Noel Onobun opens Jolly Jolly Bakery in United States selling Nigerian snacks and bread. Noel named the company after his wife Jolly

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