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Nigerians got their abusive SARS police force abolished – but frustration looms


Study by The Conversation says the excitement of Nigerians over the victory got from the #EndSARS protest will soon turn to frustration

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Peace of Mind and The Change Nigeria Still Needs From #EndSARS by Wunderkind


Nigerian-resident Sudanese superstar Rema Wunderkind reflect on this difficult year 2020, talks about peace of mind and the change Nigeria need from #EndSARS

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How VFD Group, an investment firm is winning over new talent in Nigeria


With Africa’s entrepreneurs hungry for capital, investment firms across the continent are hoping to create a profitable and sustainable ecosystem

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Older Nigerian people often an invisible casualty in conflict with Boko Haram


Recent Boko Haram massacre in Borno State exemplifies years of repression and abuse of older people by the armed group. Older people are frequently killed in military raids and die disproportionately in unlawful military detention

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