There’s nothing to share again, Nigeria needs wealth creators

Posted by Timige, On 10 Apr, 2022 | Updated On 11 Apr, 2022 1 Comment »

Peter Obi
Can your take Peter Obi for his word? He says there is nothing to share again in Nigeria. Is it that National Cake has finished? Make your comment!

He said: “Our country is now going through a difficult time. I am not desperate to be a President; I am desperate to see a better Nigeria.”

“We have what we call natural security and artificial security. The natural security deals with job creation.

“You need to put food on people’s tables to ensure that they are not doing the wrong thing.

“If they don’t know where the next meal will come from, the tendency is that they will become a tool for anything.

“So we need to employ people. I know what to do in puting money into micro, small and medium scale enterprises.

“I have experimented this in a small way people can see. Otherwise how could a small state like Anambra end up on the day I was handing over not owing salary, pension?

“No contractor who executed his job, raised certificate or supplied us goods, was being owed.
Nigeria needs wealth creators, there’s nothing to share again — Peter Obi

“I have N77 billion which is over $500 million at that time in the bank. I know what we can effectively do to turn around the situation.

“We are now on top of the list of the most fragile states. We are now on top of the list of the most terrorised states sitting behind Yemen and Afghanistan.

“We are the capital of poverty in the world. We now have more people living under poverty than most big nation’s combined. We now have several millions of out-of-school children.

“Unemployment is 33 per cent officially but when you add under employment, it is about 60 per cent.

“Of these are the young ones who constitute the asset and the engine room of their productive age.

“People now spend 100 per cent of their salary to feed. It is a crises situation. What will somebody like me do?

“We need to move the country from consumption to production. There is nothing to share again.

“We now need wealth creators, not wealth sharers. We have been sharing wealth for a long time, we need to start creating wealth,” he added.

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1 comment on “There’s nothing to share again, Nigeria needs wealth creators

  • Japhet Nwairo

    It is either you don’t understand parable. Nigeria has nothing to share or that the national cakes are no more available for sharing, means that Peter is sick and tired of Politicians borrowing for sharing but not productive. He states that there is nothing wrong with borrowing, but when we borrow, we must borrow with reasons to invest, create employment/wealth for the youths and be productive. Our oil revenue is never accounted for. Emerging how many barrels of oil produced daily. What do we do but sharing. Talking about investment and productivity: If the government can invest 2million naira per each member of NYSC upon completion of the program, and assuming we have 100,000 undergrads who completed NYSC each year, government would have invested a one day oil revenue on the undergrads. Half of these undergrads may team up to invest on small business ventures creating wealth and employment, some may proceed to further studies and others may be glad to pay off their family debts borrowed while in school. This could be very encouraging for future children to go to school, realizing there is financial support system upon graduation. In USA, undergraduates receives grants and other financial support systems that encourages them to go to school and improve on education. “Nigeria Wake Up”.

    24 May 2022